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School Tours


 Our school tours include:


Day One (Optional) - Classroom Session (with film presentation. Enables students to more fully grasp what they'll see on the tour)


Day Two - The Freedom Walk


Depending on availability, The Freedom Walk will be combined with one of the following:



A walk over the Brooklyn Bridge, plus a visit to The African Burial Ground in Manhattan




A tour of Weeksville, including the Hunterfly Houses




A visit to the Brooklyn Historical Society to

see the exhibition"Pursuit of Freedom"



Private Tours 


Our Private Tours include:


Full day Tour of The Freedom Walk Sites combined with one of the following:



The African Burial Ground/Optional Walk over Brooklyn Bridge




Weeksville Hunterfly Houses



*****PLEASE NOTE: Depends upon                           availabilty

We Customize Tours for :


*Senior Citizens

* Hearing Impaired








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